Sleep Support with Melatonin Spray



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As you grow older, your melatonin levels tend to decrease. With less melatonin in your blood, the stimulus to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake feeling rested can potentially be compromised.

Available in your choice of a fast-acting spray or daily tablets, Sleep Support with Melatonin offers a proprietary blend of 10 carefully selected, research-supported ingredients to help:

  • Promote a relaxed state of mind, so you can fall asleep quicker.*
  • Enhance your overall sleep quality.*
  • Restore your morning alertness.*
  • Reduce your normal daytime fatigue.*

Much more than just a regular melatonin supplement, Sleep Support with Melatonin delivers the ideal dose of melatonin every time as well as a Calming Blend of soothing botanical extracts and a Neuro Blend for promoting a relaxed mind and body.*

Enjoy restful, restorative sleep and mornings feeling energized by ordering your supply today.


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